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Jacek Malczewski

Painter’s Inspiration (1897). Jacek Malczewski (Polish, 1854-1929). Oil on canvas. The vision of the eternal muse Polonia appears to the artist. Like a sleepwalker, Polonia presents a disquieting rather than reassuring image, with a tattered army greatcoat falling from her shoulders, a straw crown hanging from her head, and a soap bubble borne carefully before her—the symbols of degradation, betrayal and illusion.:

Jacek Malczewski by hauk sven, via Flickr:

Jacek Malczewski - Model in the atelier of the painter:

Jacek Malczewski - Nude on a ladder:

Jacek Malczewski - Allegory (1913):

Jacek Malczewski, Death of Ellenai, n.d.:

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